Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Reading List

We seriously love Halloween around here. And we love our Halloween books even more! Here's all of our Halloween books (we need more!) and our reviews on them.
- Lark Carrier
It's a cute turn the flap book, but everything rhymes with "boo." It gets a little silly after a bit, but is still cute none the less.

Clifford's Halloween
- Norman Bridwell
I had no idea how much my kids loved Clifford until their teacher last year read a Clifford book. Great addition. At 28 pages, 1 sentence per page, it's a great attention holder for 3 year olds. It also includes them into the story by asking what Clifford should be for Halloween.
We got this for the twins' 2nd birthday. Somebody knows us very well to get us monsters! It's very cute and colorful. 14 pages of basically tongue twisters. It's silly and adorable. Then it includes the kids by asking who they think won the talent show!
- Roger Priddy
It's a baby board book. A little young for my 3 year olds. But seriously, the most effin cute baby board book in the world. Bats, ghosts, cats, witches, owls & more, done in a not scary way to introduce kids into loving Halloween! And it worked for mine! This is now a family heirloom.
Spooky Hour
- Tony Mitton
It is SO easy to really get into reading this with a spooky voice, as it's almost written in a sing-song manner. It incorporates numbers 12-1 (yes, backwards) and ends with an awesome Halloween party. I really get into reading this, and the kids really get into listening. Awesome awesome awesome. And we got it for just $2! We got more than our moneys worth!
Vampire's Halloween
- John Bianchi
12 page board book, really cute. My kids are kinda growing out of it now, but they still enjoy it. It's about a vampire getting ready for Halloween. Not done in a very scary way, which is good for little ones. We want them to love Halloween, not be afraid of it. Our favorite part is his pet bat, and the end (I won't give it away!)

So those are our favorites every year. I think the only new one we got this year was Clifford. And I do read these even if it's not Halloween. They're just too cute! Do you have a favorite? Send us a comment!

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