Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I was browsing the games section at the store one day. I thought I might come across Hi-Ho Cherry-O, Shoots and Ladders or some silly game from my childhood. I can't believe how the market has changed in 20 years (yes, I'm aware of how that sounds). The only thing that was remotely good for anybody under 6 was Twister. It does say 6+, though I'm not sure why. I guess that's the age where one might understand the rules. My 3 year olds could still play none the less. I figured it's a good game for comprehension, following directions, and well, letting them spin the spinner for 15 straight minutes. I'm trying to teach them the difference between right and left, though they're not supposed to figure that out for another year. It's still not terrible to introduce it. They can generally tell me which is which, but had it all backwards when it came to Twister. It's ok, they still had fun!

They obviously didn't figure out that when you call the next move, to keep their other hand or foot where it was. But they still would listen and follow the direction. Or just play hopscotch. At least they were getting up and moving around.
Their home-based teacher had the same idea this week. She brought over Twister. But she came armed with a song telling them to jump from one color to the next. Brilliant! See? It's not just for ages 6+

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