Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nature Walk

We love going on walks. It's especially nice that the weather has been awesome lately. So we're getting in all kinds of walks now before the weather turns. Tomorrow is my anniversary. I remember getting married without a jacket! This is always a fabulous time of November.
I found this cool check list here.
We spotted trees and grass, but no ants. We found all kinds of leaves that crunched under our feet. We spotted a small flock of birds flying, and even found an empty nest! No squirrels this time, I haven't seen them for a bit, they might be hibernating. We saw mums, small daisies with bees, and smartweed.
That's smartweed. I'm sure you've seen it, just never knew the name for it. We made it a point this summer to look up flowers we didn't know. We even found out we had poisonous nightshade all over the neighborhood.

Back to the list, we didn't find any acorns since there's no oak trees on our route. We didn't even spot a pinecone. We did see clouds and branches too.
As for things off the list, we made a note. We found some abandoned honeycomb. This was an excellent time to teach the boys not to touch them, there might be a bee in there. And that bees live and make honey in honeycombs. They love honey butter bread. So this was a good time to teach them how important a honey comb is, but also dangerous at the same time. We saw a fire hydrant and 2 rock salt boxes. I opened the boxes and explained that the salt is used to help melt snow and ice off the roads. We spotted our usual stop signs and the groundhog hole. We also found an aerie and a squirrel nest, not far from each other. We have hawks around here, but I think it might have been an old aerie. It's cool in the spring when the hawks teach their young to fly. We've been here for at least 3 seasons of babies.

So that was our nature walk. It's great to get out, get the exercise, smell the smells, breathe in the fresh air. The boys really like it, and remind me every day, "Mom, let's go for a walk!"

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