Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Reading List & Pre-Thanksgiving

Sorry we haven't had any posts lately. We've been busy with school work, random play & reading. We've been coloring a lot, the playdoh's been out a bunch, but nothing to really post.

We did do an activity with mixing colors, but we didn't get pictures. We took baking soda, added a few drops of food coloring in clear cups, then I let the boys pour in pre-measured vinegar to make the color appear in volcanic form! We actually recommended this as a science project last year in Early Head Start, and it was a big success. The boys love it. They think it's magic and shout "Presto!"

Here's what we've been reading... I've been noticing we have duplicate stories, with different covers and minor differences in the stories. I'm sure some day I'll weed out some of those and donate them.
I'm focusing on L memorizing this series so he can learn to read!
 The Castle Ghost
This was a cute story!
 A Crack in the Track
*another book I think I can get L to memorize
a little mature for the boys, but good!
 I Can Count
a collection of smaller stories, hard to hold their interest all at once
I notice the boys have 0 interest in Disney Princesses, but it's good to read regardless!
 Look at me!
a funny mask baby board book, but the kids still like it
 The Magic Grinder
it's funny, K loves dinosaurs, but has no interest in dragons
regardless, anything Mickey Mouse goes over big
Pussycat Tiger
 So cute! For little boys who want to grow up as big and strong as their Dad!
again, boys have no interest
The Tale of Tom Kitten
Beatrix Potter ranks right up there with Jane Austin in my book with all their etiquette and what's proper. Kinda funny, but K likes cats so he asks for this one.

Yo Gabba Gabba: Dreams
Not on amazon at all, but it goes with the song on the show

Snow White
same publisher as Thumbelina above

Winnie the Pooh: Oh, Bother! No One's Listening

Winnie the Pooh: Oh, Bother! Someone's Messy

Thomas the Train: 5 Useful Engines

Lady and the Tramp

I do have a project coming soon involving paint and the whole family for Thanksgiving, so stay tuned!

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