Monday, November 28, 2011

Potty Training Boot Camp

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late. We've been in potty training boot camp.

I took the subtle approach since June, with no luck. I don't think they were ready. The boys are currently 3 years, 2 months. We'd mention the potty to them, and get a big, fat "NO!" right back. We read all of the potty books. We tried the no-diaper approach before, with no success. I just don't think they were ready then. So I tried it again. We stripped off the diapers, put on their Spider-Man and Yo Gabba Gabba under-roos, and put the potties in the middle of the living room. I had luck in the past giving them a full cup of water and putting on an hour long Sesame Street. They were happy to sit still, and the pee would just happen. TV works, so that's where the potties stay for now. We had some random successes in the first day, and a few accidents. They don't like wet underwear. There were some cases of them having accidents upstairs, where they couldn't get down stairs quickly enough.

Today makes day 6. I've stayed true to the underwear approach, no diapers unless we go out or during nap time/bed time. Today, there were no accidents. There was even a point tonight when they ran downstairs after I put them in bed, dropped their night time pull-up, and went potty. Success!

There was also some bribing in there. K had the potty down from almost day one, but L is just really stubborn. His brother's success wasn't any kind of motivation. No amount of hugs, applause, cheers, would inspire him to use the potty. But a piece of candy corn does. Kids love candy corn. I give them 1 piece every time they empty their bladder. L doesn't like K eating candy corn when he can't have any. L was using the potty all day today. I'll be able to wean off that pretty quick with them, give them a piece every other time. By week's end, it should be 100% successful. I'm not sure how long it takes to get them used to public bathrooms, so I'll use the pull-up approach still.

Hope this helps anyone currently potty training!

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