Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This is a continuation of the Halloween wreaths post I did.

I had yarn wrapped a second wreath orange, and it was sitting around for a while. I kind of forgot about it. I decided to finish it, but a little differently.

I knew I wanted owls & mushrooms, but I wanted to do it in a no-sew way. I found Tacky Glue for pretty cheap. But I knew just glue wouldn't hold up the design, especially if I didn't sew everything in.
I cut out felt pieces and glued them together with the tacky glue. I had a Starbucks cup cozy sitting near by and decided to reuse it. Since it's corrugated cardboard, it's fairly sturdy. I glued it to the back of the felt for support.
Voila! New wreath. It took about an hour to yarn wrap a hay stuffed wreath ring. About another 30 minutes to cut out felt pieces, glue them together, and add the supports.
It's currently hanging on my front door, since I don't have any Christmas stuff up yet. I know, I know, later this week... lol

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