Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year + Reading List

Today marks the beginning of the year of the dragon. For Chinese New Years, we made this craft.
Here is where you can download the template...

Here's what we've been reading lately.
 Reptile Babies- 6 cute reptiles are introduced to young ones. K pointed out the spiders and bugs on each page.
101 Dalmations- We had 3 versions of this, and I weeded them to end up keeping this one. It's truer to the movie.
Alice in Wonderland Meets the White Rabbit- Kinda jumps around a bit, includes the Jaberwock, but Mom loves it!
Blue Moose- 5 stories in 1. The boys, especially K, thought it was silly, and liked reading more about the silly moose.
The Three Billy Goats Gruff- The troll was kinda creepy in this book. Luckily, my kids don't frighten too easily.
 Timmy Tiger and the Butterfly Net- The boys were worried about the bees in this book, as we've been learning about bees making honey.
My Favorite Book, Lessons to Grow on- I got that my kids don't understand metaphors from this book
Pinocchio- A classic. The boys don't get into Disney too much, unless it's Mickey
Hop on Pop- The boys are beginning to read, so this is great
 The Big Blue Book of Beginner Books (featuring Go, Dog. Go!; It's Not Easy Being a Bunny; Are You My Mother?; The Best Nest; Put Me in the Zoo; A Fly Went By)- easy to read books similiar to the style of Dr. Seuss. Go, Dog. Go! is easy to read like Hop on Pop (above)
Fluffy's Valentine's Day- 3 stories in 1. The boys liked how this book makes it easy to get into character while reading.
The Friendly Bunny- Cute! Teaches kids to be nice and share
People At Work- We tried to decide what the boys would like to do for a living, they pretty much said everything in this book! So cute!
 Glow in the Dark Mother Goose- 18 classic nursery rhymes. We read this in the dark with a flashlight, they thought it was cool how every other page glowed.
A Little Flush- no real plot line, just animals on the potty, and the last page has a button to push for a flush sound. That was the boys favorite part, of course.
Stevie's Tricycle- I had to laugh. This book used to be my husbands, and I can see why his mother got it for him. Stevie looks exactly like my husband did at that age. So I had some laughs. But it taught the boys the responsibility of taking care of their things.
The Little Mermaid- A classic, but a few too many character elements for 3-year-olds to keep straight.
Best Little Word Book Ever- We love Richard Scarry! this book is helping the boys to read
Katy No-Pocket- A classic! The boys loved it
The Valentine Bears- Adorable, even from 1983. Teaches you to love and do nice things for each other.

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The Several Tricks of Edgar Dolphin- One of my husband's books growing up, it's cute. The boys enjoyed it.
Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Patch- Can you plant a honey pot and grow honey? The boys found out!

Mom finished reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. I think the final book was my favorite in the series. I was cheering by the end. I was also surprised about a tiny variation at the end from the Swedish movie and the book. Will book 4 ever happen? I'm going to catch up on chemistry and magazines for a bit before beginning another book next week.

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