Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Reading List (part 2)

We're always busy, busy, busy reading, and it's not even National Reading Month yet. That starts March 2 with Dr. Seuss week. We usually read lots of Dr. Seuss that week, the kids' school will have lots of Seuss-like activities, etc. Until then, we've been somewhere around 5 books a day. The boys love reading!
We tried to do a scavenger hunt, like in the Winnie the Pooh book below, but the boys really weren't interested. We'll try again another day, they might not have wanted to at the time. We did take a kite out to the park one day, since Spring has been peeking it's wonderful head in this region, but we had no wind to carry it really high. A for effort, right?
Mom's been studying her butt off with chemistry and algebra in hopes of a Masters degree in the future. It's slow going, but it's kept me busy (and away from this blog!)
Here's a random hint for picky eaters. K will eat anything I give him usually. Trying to feed L is like pulling teeth. He'll hold out for up to 3 days for chocolate, skipping meals, but I won't give in. He'll eventually give up, and pig out at the next meal (or even the one after that). I recently read in Parenting magazine that it's ok to fib a little bit to your kids to get them to eat healthier. L is really into X-Rays, so I went with that. Getting him to eat carrots before by telling him they made him see in the dark wasn't working. I told him carrots would give him X-ray eyes. Guess what he ate for dinner. Carrots. I tried to tell him green beans would give him super powers with no luck. And using the big and strong thing, no luck. I'm gonna ride with this X-ray thing until he develops healthy eating habits on his own, or until he figures out Mom's a liar! On that note, here's our reading list!

 Cinderella 1, 2- we have 2 versions (or more) of certain books, so we've been reading them all to see which ones we like more. Boys aren't really into Cinderella...
Peter Pan (we have 2 versions, 1 is not shown)- they're sort of getting into it since they've been hearing it more and more
Pocahontas- again, boys aren't really into love stories
Stuck in the Tub- they thought this was funny
 Who Lives Here?- Has an interactive dial to guess which animal, they like playing with it
Arthur's Birthday- they really like Arthur books a lot
Snoozers- 7 short stories about bedtime, a favorite
Animals on the Farm, Baby Farm Animals- both very similar, they love these
 Pooh's Scavenger Hunt- has a good story about friendship
Bolt- L was scared of it, not sure why
It's Too Windy- easy to read, we're learning, but not crazy about it
Bathtime for Biscuit- same as above
Tootle- classic! but the boys like Thomas more
 Star Wars Adventure in Beggar's Canyon- ok, Mom's a geek, and starting them early!
I'm Glad You're My Friend- they like this a lot
Fievel's Boat Trip- didn't hold much interest
Scuffy- They kinda like it, but I've noticed they're less interested than the last time we read it
 The Saggy Baggy Elephant- they think it's silly
You Can't Take a Balloon Into The Metropolitan Museum- picture book about the adventures of a balloon and a girl in the museum, they like it
Cars- follows the movie, they LOVE it
Garfield in Space- he meets some silly Martians, they thought it was cute
A Little Flush- no plot, but the boys love the flush button that makes sound
Train Stories- 4 stories about a family on a farm and the nearby trains, L's favorite. Plus you have to find a duck on every page, which makes it great!
The Grumpy Bunny Goes West- somehow K kept interest with the length of the book, he liked it
Who Lives in the Rainforest- lift the flap baby board book, one of their first books, but they still love it
The Bear Who Didn't Like Honey- cute story about finding your own way

(not shown)
Little Golden Book ABC- an oldie but goodie, great for learning the alphabet
A Scare for Mr. Toad- teaches kids to respect what's not theirs
Little Otter's Big Journey- great story about mother and child bonding
Tarzan Goes Bananas- We have a different cover, but I think this is the same book. The boys think it's a silly story

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