Thursday, February 16, 2012

February Reading List + Tea Party

We've been reading several books where tea parties where involved. Having sons, you don't get to encounter tea sets as toys generally. They were a little curious about it though. I made the boys some chamomile tea and let them try it. I showed them how to steep the tea, they watched as it colored the water. Then I let them watch ice cubes melt in it to cool it down. They really enjoyed the experience. The books that involved tea are marked with a * after the title, if you want to do the same thing!

 The Sulky Vulture- A silly story about a vulture who just can't be happy with anything, it's cute!
Big Bird's Doctor Visit- it's very short, 4 pages, with pop-outs, curbs your fear about the doctor
Corduroy- classic story about a bear who goes on a journey to find his button, then is bought by a little girl who loves him
Spider-Man Web Slinging Super Hero- short at 5 pages, Spider-Man keeps the city safe from Doctor Octopus. K loves Spider-Man
Dolphin- follows a calf and his pod through staying safe, finding food, etc. Written more scientifically than I thought it would be for toddlers, but the boys liked it
Winnie the Pooh Meets Gopher- Pooh eats too much and gets stuck in Rabbit's hole, silly.
Farm Animals- This book has tons of flaps that you can lift up that have more facts about stuff. Goes through farm animals, crops, and other things like honey, down feathers, etc. They love this book
Tiny's Bath- I swear, there is a Clifford book that is exactly the same thing. But this is written easy for beginning readers
The Rainbow Fish- teaches kids to share, very cute. I like how his scales are holographic on each page
Tawny Scrawny Lion- classic! The lion's so hungry, he just wants to eat the rabbit. Good thing he doesn't!
*A Bargain For Frances- Frances has an awful friend who cheats her out of a tea set. But she gets her back. A little mature for 3 year olds, but a good lesson
Dinner at the Panda Palace- love love this book! Incorporates counting
Thomas & Friends Favourite Tales- 5 different Thomas stories, the boys are obsessed with Thomas
Peter Pan- we have 3 different versions of this book, this one isn't too bad
The Jungle Book- classic story, but my kids just can't get into it
Presto!- based of the short cartoon before the movie Wall-E. The bunny just wants his carrot! Adorable!
Sleeping Beauty- classic story, the boys couldn't get into it
The Wizard of Oz- this version varies towards the end from the original, not sure if I was a fan of it
On Top of Spaghetti- It's the song, with the sheet music and lyrics, just illustrated. K made me read it like 5 times in a row
*Alice in Wonderland- The boys love it cuz Mom loves it! Every time we get to the part with the Cheshire cat, they look for Mom's Cheshire cat tattoo. Otherwise, I don't think they'd be into it.
Count on Us- Simple counting book, they kinda like it

(not shown)
Aladdin- classic story, I think they'd get into the movie more than the book
The No-Bark Dog- a little boy has a puppy who doesn't bark, the boys were pretty interested in it
Dreams (Yo Gabba Gabba)- Simple book that goes with the song on the show, the boys love it! (no link)

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