Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Library books

While we haven't had any new craft ideas, we've been busy none the less. We have been focusing on our school work, playing with play dough, painting, coloring, etc. I know that doesn't make for a very interesting blog, but I promise some new craft ideas soon. This is a list of our recent library check outs, and our reviews on those books.

 I Spy a Lion, I Spy a Freight Train- If you're familiar with the I Spy books, these focus on finding objects in art. The boys are pretty good at these.
Lost Cat- This silly story follows the man who finds the cat, is driven crazy by it, and is desperate to find it's owner. The owner is only so happy to get his lost cat back, even though he's a wacky cat.
The Garbage Truck- the boys love when the garbage truck is here, so this book was great.
Big Trucks in Action- moveable parts in the book! That's all that's needed to keep toddlers occupied.
 Little Mouse's Big Valentine- very cute story about helping
Very Boring Alligator- we thought it was a boring book
In the Snow: Who's Been Here?- targeted for elementary age more, but it was neat. Helps you to look for signs to find different wildlife
Firefighter Frank- amazing amazing amazing. I think we have to buy our own copy! We totally practiced what to do if there's a fire. Don't forget to stop, drop and roll!
 One Mitten- There wasn't a whole lot of plot, just silliness
Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse- Compares the travels of 2 mice, but there's some realistic spider drawings that creeped the boys out (and mom!)
Quiet!- A lion does everything to keep the jungle quiet so his cub can sleep, silly and cute
Wow! Ocean!- Few words, mostly drawings of tons of different sea life. very informative
Carry Me- If you're familiar with Max and Ruby, and my boys love them, this book only featured similar characters. It wasn't written like Max and Ruby at all, it was more poetic, which doesn't hold the interest of 3 year old boys
A Tale of Two Pandas- I mostly picked this up because red pandas are cute, it was a short story about 2 pandas finding bamboo
Beaver at Long Pond- very educational about beavers
In the Pond- teaches the basics of the life cycle of a frog, and features other pond life. The boys enjoyed it.
(Not Shown) I forgot my shoes- everybody forgets something one day, makes you somewhat aware not to be so forgetful.

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