Monday, June 25, 2012

Let's go for a walk

Take a walk with us around our neighborhood
 I believe this is a form of clover
 Today, we found a cool rock
 Then we pass a mulberry tree
 and some cute white bell shaped flowers growing among some succulent plants
and pretty fuzzy purple flowers
 Wild lillies bloom along the tracks
 This is a relative of Queen Anne's lace or fennel
 Red berries make a delicious treat for the birds. I believe they are toxic to humans.
 Some pretty wild grass
 A mossy wall
 This hole used to be a tree stump, but it's a regular stop on our adventures
The boys can tell you about tree bark
Patch of clovers
 pink smartweed
 We always stop!
 Purple nightshade with berries, poisonous
 Queen Anne's lace
 always delicious blackberries
 We're lucky to leave near the woods
 Wild daisies
 clover flower
 chicory growing wild
 last stop: small garden
Good day, black eyed susans!

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