Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We Lived In A Time

I'm ever so busy, but I somehow manage to come up with new ideas! I came up with this truly unique twitter account. It's called "We Lived In A Time," and it's a sentence that starts off with aforementioned. Some can make you sad, but they're meant to inspire you to change the situation for the better. I'm really looking for people to share this and to add to the collection. Hopefully, a publisher may take interest. If you want to submit yours, use the hashtags #WLIAT #WeLivedInATime. Here are some that I've already written.
  • We lived in a time when you could get from Point A to Point B in the rain and not get wet.
  • We lived in a time when states had more people on welfare than people earning wages.
  • We lived in a time when you could real time converse with a loved one half way around the world.
  • We lived in a time when locking your keys in the car isn't such a big deal if you had the right technology.
  • We lived in a time when women could be in combat.
  • We lived in a time when public places didn't have recycle and compost bins, and stores used disposable bags.

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