Tuesday, July 2, 2013


We have gone camping a few times already this year. It's very enjoyable with kids. The boys will be 5 in September, and they beg to go camping every day.
The last place we went is 2 hours north. My twins will make the fifth generation of my family going to this campsite. It is located next to a creek delta that empties into the river. There are two islands in the creek.

There is also a pond with an island.
And it is all surrounded by mountains, with one great overlook.
The boys are in the bug and critter stage. There were plenty of crayfish for them to find, though they're not catching them yet themselves.

We heard many frogs, but weren't able to get close to any. There were so many worms, butterflies and spiders to keep them busy.

Guess where we'll be the rest of the summer?

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