Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Compost bin

I keep hearing about how easy composting is. We already cut down dramatically how much ends up in our garbage bins at the end of every week by recycling cans, bottles, paper and cardboard. Why not reuse some of our old food and turn it into soil? We buy tons of potting soil every spring to begin our garden. Composting just seems like the no nonsense way to be green and save money.

We have this old 55 gallon garbage can. We used it for garbage, but our garbage collector decided they're too heavy to lift and won't accept them as garbage bins. It had holes drilled in the bottom already to drain water out. All I had to do was drill some more on the sides. I added 3 shovels of yard dirt, old chopped apples, banana peels, a chopped moldy cucumber, strawberry tops and dry Cheerios to start it off.
I read online not to add any meat, dairy or salt. We also plan to use old leaves, houseplant clippings, etc. I may eventually add some worms from our yard. I found an old bin that I placed next to the inside garbage can to add our composting bin outside. I also read that you should water and stir things around in the bin, it's supposed to stay moist.

I'll keep you posted on our composting, as it's our first time, to let you know how it works out. We should have lots of nutrient soil to use next spring!

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